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Dear Readers,

Down Styphon!

Down Styphon! has arrived from the printers! I'll be mailing out pre-order copies for the next week. The book is another beautiful volume with library binding and a wonderful Alan Gutierrez cover. It is now available for purchase in the Shop. There are no plans at the present time for any e-book editions.

Nos-Hostigos is at peace for the first time since Kalvan landed on the Aryan-Transpacific, Styphon's House Subsector's time-line. Local threats in the Middle Kingdoms have been neutralized and Styphon's House is busy trying to regain their former strength in the Five Great Kingdoms. Some of the new Great Kings have no love for Styphon's House and its quest for power over the great kings. However, the Fireseed Temple's resources are huge, including large mercantile houses, tobacco and grain monopolies, along with the Great Banking houses. Great Queen Rylla decides that the time has come to return to Old Hostigos and restore Hostigi hegemony. Kalvan is not happy with this turn of events, but Rylla is a force of nature and asserts her will.

Now it's up to Great King Kalvan to find a way to make their return to the Princedom of Hostigos a permanent one. His first task will be to defeat and subdue the Zarthani Knights' great fortress at Tarr-Ceros. If he's successful there, Kalvan will then have to beard Styphon's archpriests in the Holy City of Balph, the very heart of their power and influence.

Down Styphon! is the eighth and last book in the Kalvan Saga begun by the late H. Beam Piper in 1964 with Lord Kalvan of Otherwhen. It's been a labor of love and a work-in-progress of mine since 1984! Well aware that other beloved series, such as Game of Thrones, may never be finished by their creators, I became determined to see that the Kalvan versus Styphon's House story arc was brought to a rousing conclusion.

Down Styphon!

John F. Carr

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