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WarWorld - Road Warriors
WarWorld - Road Warriors
John F. Carr
Hardback 593 pages
Pequod Press

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War World: Road Warriors is a new War World collection of stories featuring the survivors of the CoDominium, the USSR/US world government which has kept the peace on Earth and throughout human-occupied space for the past century. Earth has been badly wounded in the nuclear holocaust, which has made large portions of the planet uninhabitable.

Now the survivors, most of them residing in far-flung colony worlds, will have to forge their own course. Warfare breaks out on New Washington when one of the last CD Naval flotillas, sponsored by Bronson allies, arrives to end the Falkenberg Protectorate and place Colonel John Falkenberg under arrest.

Marginal worlds like Haven descend into complete barbarism as food factories without off-world deliveries of petroleum fail and mass starvation ensues. Haven has never been self-sufficient, and now without outside help the Four Horsemen rule the roadways. The most populated areas, like the Shangri-La Valley, suffer the most and bands of starving marauders and runaway militias head for the Northern Steppes, where the herdsmen keep their horses, cattle and muskylope.

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