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WarWorld - Cyborg Revolt
WarWorld - Cyborg Revolt
John F. Carr and Don Hawthorne
(EPUB 1289k) (Kindle 3147k)
Pequod Press

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The battle between the Sauron Coalition of Secession and the First Empire of Man in the twenty-seventh century ended in a war of extermination and the all-out bombardment of the planet Sauron. The only surviving Sauron spaceship, the Fomoria, is commanded by Vessel First Rank Galen Diettinger. Fleeing Imperial pursuit, the Saurons land on Haven, a hardscrabble world of extreme temperatures, hard radiation, deadly flora and fauna and wastelands containing some of the toughest humans in occupied space.

Born in rebellions and civil war, life on Haven is a constant struggle against the harsh moon's environment, as well as its other occupants-animal and human-all desperate to carve out their own niche. On this desolate moon, the Sauron Soldiers not only have to fight off the human inhabitants, but face a mutiny in their own ranks, as the Cyborg Super Soldiers make a bid to rule the last surviving colony. The Cyborgs are the ultimate product of Sauron's millennium-long eugenics program and as such are the end-point in the Race's military development. To the Super Soldiers it is unthinkable that a mere Soldier-no matter how brilliant-should command the new Sauron Homeworld.

Meanwhile, Brigadier Gary Cummings, commander of the Haven Volunteers, has lost both his headquarters and military forts. But Brigadier Cummings has fought the Saurons before and knows that the Saurons have no mercy for human norms; this is a war of total domination. The Saurons want to own Haven and use her population as breeding stock for future Soldiers. To fight back, the Brigadier is starting a guerilla campaign in the outback. Castell City and Lermontovgrad have been bombed back to the stone age, but the humans of War World have been tested before....

The one thing the Saurons hadn't anticipated was a mutiny in their own ranks leading to a three-cornered war.

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