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WarWorld - Discovery
WarWorld - Discovery
(EPUB 1391k) (Kindle 2127k)
Pequod Press

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Here for the first time Pequod Press presents the opening chapter in the history of man’s first attempts at settling a moon that many call the harshest human environment in the CoDominium. In War World: Discovery we go back to the very beginnings of the War World Saga when the moon of the fourth satellite in the Byers System was discovered by Jed Byers and the problems that entailed in opening it up to development and colonization.

We see the struggles of the Harmonies to retain their world against the masters of the CoDominium who call Haven “End-of-the-Line” and use it as a dumping ground for criminals, perverts, murderers, arsonists, garden variety psychopaths, terrorists and just plain political troublemakers they want exiled from Earth forever. War World is over a year from Earth across innumerable Alderson tramlines and way stations. A world from which no one without political favor ever returns!

In addition, there are the industrial magnates who see War World as a resource pool for rare minerals and ores with cheap labor provided by the Bureau of Relocation. They pitch their own battles across the boardrooms of Earth, reaching with their tentacles all the way to the trenches of War World itself. It’s there on Haven with its hostile wildlife and large criminal element where the blood is shed. When things don't go the Companies’ way, then it’s time to call in the CoDominium Marines.

War World: Discovery is the opening volume in a series that will present War World’s history in a chronological fashion for the very first time.

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